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What next…

What next…

I’m still trying to bounce back from not making the race on Labor Day and I’m still trying to process my emotions on it. For now, I have a plan for the next month to help motivate me to continue working out until I can fully run again.

The YMCA is having a challenge for it’s members to reach 100+ miles biked, 26 miles ran/walked, and 2.5 miles swam by mid-October. I have a pretty good feeling that I can do this (however, I have no idea how many laps equals 2.5 miles).

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be taking on a challenge from my friend Adam as we both go on the slow-carb diet for the next month. The slow carb diet, popularized by Timothy Ferriss – who I am a big fan of-, has five simple rules:

  5. TAKE ONE DAY OFF (the diet per week)

There are some other minor rules to follow such as no dairy or soy as well. And yes, I am still a vegetarian. Essentially, I can eat all the veggies and beans I want and a modest amount of nuts/fats (while Adam has the benefit of meat options). Everything else is off limits except for when my “cheat day” rolls around, which will be Tuesday this week for Clara’s b-day celebration.

I plan to schedule the cheat days on Saturday which will mean my next one after Tuesday won’t be for more than ten days…


Today was day one and I started it off with a high-protein meal of…. straight up boiled green lentils and salt for seasoning. I will be sure to be sick of this but when I tried out Ramadan-style fasting for 11 days, I found that a breakfast of legumes did wonders in fasting over 12+ hours. I made two cups of lentils just so I can get through this week without needing to cook again.

Lunch was a mixed of stir-fried veggies, boiled beans, and a healthy dose of hummus.

Dinner was veggie soup with beans.

I went a little crazy just now when I read what I just wrote. Beans, beans, beans.. How am I gonna do 30 days of this?

“Many of the things I’ve done in my life have basically been self-taught. I think if you study—if you learn too much of what others have done—you may tend to take the same direction as everybody else.”

– Jim Henson –

Week 5

Ran 2.25 miles at night in 12 Celsius. Tougher run tonight. Probably from sitting in the car for 14 hours for two days and eating crap.

Ran around battlefield park on Quebec for 2.5 miles. Had to stop about 2/3 of the way to rest for a bit.

Walked up a hill in old Quebec for a total of 3.7 miles

Had a fever from dehydration in Montreal so I didn’t run the rest of the week.

Total miles this week
Fell short this week so I need to make it in the next weeks

Week 4

Ran twice around Lake Como in 31 minutes, no stopping. 
Total miles: 3.35 miles.
Knees and ankle felt ok. Felt like giving up 1/3 the way on second lap. It probably didn’t help to drink the night before and get very little sleep due to crying baby. Wanted to toss my cookies after finishing. Eating before running also doesn’t help.

Ran another 1.65 miles at the gym that evening.
Total miles on Sunday: 5

Ran a lesuirly 2 miles.

Wednesday, ran 2.6 miles to the gym. Did 5 minutes jump rope and foam in between.

Did same thing as Wednesday. But ran just slightly faster. Calves are sore.

Miles ran this week,  12.2

Miles ran  so far, 36.6
Miles left, 63.4

Four weeks left, hopefully I can make the goal for each week

Week three


ran 2 miles, ran intervals with alternated speeds. no walking.

Felt tightness in left knee and right ankle.



ran 1.5 miles to gym, then did 1.7 miles on treadmill. Stretched and used foam roller to work out leg muscles. Then ran 1.3 miles back home.

Felt tight in right ankle/calf and left kneecap. Both IT bands felt terrible during foam roller.

Total miles: 4.5



Walked 2.2 miles.

Total miles this week: 8.7
Total miles so far: 24.4

Running log 4 and 5

Running log 4 and 5

Miles ran: 2 miles yesterday, 3.1 miles today around Lake Phalen

Notes: no walking or stopping. Increased speed greatly on last leg of Phalen run, extremely tired.

Feeling: no pain during right. slight knee and calf tightness

Total miles logged: 15.7

What they didn’t tell you about having a baby

Parents will tell you that having a baby is a definite killer for your social life.

Usually they mention things like not getting enough sleep or it being a hassle to even get out the door. That’s all a lie.

The real reason is that we have nothing to talk about with our childless friends.

That is, unless you have a profound interest in hearing about baby poo.

Happy birthday to me, but not today

Thanks to all whoever wished me well today. But today is not the day to do it.

I’ll admit, it’s a bit strange but I turned three decades old today but I had no desire to celebrate the big 3-0. Bear with me cause I suspect this email will be a bit long.

Fatherhood, I’ve learned, does weird things to you. Not only does it mess up your sleep, making you physically tired, it also tests your mental fortitude. Imagine being interrupted at work every hour of the day. Now imagine that happening at home where you usually hope to relax a little or try to get some personal errands done.

Everything on your to-do list not only takes twice or thrice as long, you also do a bad job on it. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be more enchanted by my daughter, but as a person that thrives on getting things done, I feel like crap.

In the middle of all of this, I’ve been trying to figure out how to celebrate/plan my birthday for the past few weeks, and come up short until the middle of today.

So here’s what I got.

I’m not celebrating today because I feel pretty irritable and you wouldn’t want to be around me anyways. But I’m hoping you can cheer me on something to help me get out of my rut. I want to log 100 miles over the next month and then complete the Victory Labor Day 10k on Sept. 2nd.

For some of you, that’s a big deal. For some of you, you could run a marathon in your sleep. I’ll put this into perspective.

I just started working out for the first time in two months and I could barely run a mile on the first day back. But, with your moral support, I think I can reach my 100 mile mark and get a respectable time for a 10k.

So in short, I hope you can join me in someway by cheering me on as I train or by showing up at the race and watch me gasp and limp towards the finish. You can tell me happy birthday once I cross that line. I’m also planning some kind of fundraising component for charity but I haven’t got it quite figured out.

More on this later. Oh yeah, if you want to join in on the race, that would be rad!

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